Future Education and Training in Computing: How to support learning at anytime anywhere


 File Type 
 Grant Agreement pdf
 Parner Agreement MS Word
 Declaration of the Legal Representative(s) Ms Word
 Subsistence Costs Declaration Form
MS Word
 VAT Declaration Form  MS Word
 Annex I - Description of the action (work packages) MS Word
 Annex II – Estimated and Eligible Budged pdf
 Annex III - Project Handbook  pdf
 Annex IV - List of Partners  pdf
 Annex V - Appendix Forms MS Word
 Annex VI - Exchange Rates  MS Excel
 Amendment Request Form MS Word
 Progress / Final report - public part MS Word
 Progress / Final report - confidential part MS Word
 Audit Guidance Notes - Type I  pdf
 Staff and subsistence costs ceilings per countries  pdf